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Our team is passionate about cutting edge, therapeutic techniques and have experience & specialized training working with the following developmental issues:


  • tongue thrust

  • tongue / lip tie

  • apraxia

  • feeding

  • disfluent speech

  • delayed speech

  • limited vocabulary 

  • unitelligible speech

  • picky eater 

  • oral myofunctional disorder

  • Autism Spectrum disorders

  • learning differences

  • bed-wetting

  • handwriting

  • difficulty with the motor skills

  • toe walking 

  • anxiety

  • academic difficulties

  • trouble attending & focusing

  • sensory issues

still have questions?


Pediatric Therapy FAQs

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I have concerns about my child's progress in development. What do I do first?

  • Call STST and set up a free/no obligation consultation

What if I am worried as a parent, but others (i.e. family, medical professionals, etc.) are telling me there is nothing wrong, or to wait 6 more months?

  • Call STST and set up a free/no obligation consultation

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy and/or occupational therapy?

  • At STST, we believe it is always better to be proactive than reactive. Call today and set up a free/no obligation phone consultation with one of our team members.

Does my child need a formal evaluation?

  • If your child has already been evaluated, please let us know and have copies of the paperwork available when/if you meet with one of our team members. Otherwise, yes your child will need a formal evaluation completed.

How long are therapy sessions?

  • Typically sessions are 30 minutes in length. Team members will often call the parent/caregiver into the therapy session the last 5-10 minutes to demonstrate or talk to the parent/caregiver immediately following the therapy session. Our therapy is individualized and specific to your child and family needs. Children are often seen twice per week.

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